Club History

Rotary International

The world’s first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, was formed on 23 February 1905 by Paul P. Harris, an attorney who wished to capture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth. The Rotary name derived from the early practice of rotating meetings among members’ offices.

Rotary’s popularity spread and within a decade clubs were chartered from San Francisco to New York to Winnipeg, Canada. By 1921 Rotary clubs had been formed on six continents. The organization adopted the Rotary International name a year later……. Read More


Rotary in Australia

Had it not been for World War I, Rotary might have sunk roots in Australia long before it did – for Australian businessmen who had visited the young Rotary Clubs of the United States and Canada had coveted Rotary for their cities as early as 1914. But actual organisation of the first two Clubs – Melbourne and Sydney – was to wait until 1921…. Read More


Rotary Club Of Wagga Wagga Sunrise

The Rotary Club of Wagga Wagga Sunrise was sponsored by the Rotary club of Wagga Wagga Kooringal on 18 December 1991 with Brian Andrews as Charter President. The Club was formed as a mixed gender breakfast club as it was believed there was a need for a new option to the existing four clubs in Wagga. The following links document the Club’s activities from 1991 until our 20th Anniversary Dinner in November 2011.

Tenth Anniversary Celebration 2001 (pdf)

First Ten Year Album – Charter (pdf)

First Ten Year Album – to 1993 (pdf)

First Ten Year Album – to 1996 (pdf)

First Ten Year Album – to 1998 (pdf)

First Ten Year Album – to 2000 (pdf)

20th Anniversary Dinner Booklet (pdf)


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